What others are saying about the book Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy, and What Clients Are Saying About Anastazija's Work with Students.

The award-winning author, Anastazija, is a great mentor of students for learning and academic success. In her approach, she also uses the tools of thinking according to the methods of Edward de Bono PhD (Teach Your Child How to Think), which she acquired at the trainings for the head of the Thinking Circle at school, according to de Bono's CORT program (Cognitive Research Trust).

In addition to learning how to learn successfully, she also focuses on how to teach students to think, focus, plan, and make decisions, how to have a large number of fresh ideas, and how to look at things from different angles. Her students, besides others, enjoy exploring possibilities where there are no wrong answers, and learning powerful words and using a growth mindset.

Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy, is an impressive, practical, and inspired book. It encourages students to solve and overcome their school challenges and also uses important keys for success: to be open-minded and growth-minded, and to trust themselves.

Anastazija helps them recognize that they need to be willing to take advantage of learning opportunities and to look at situations with an open and growth mind. Your Success in School is showing that learning and schoolwork are not really self-explanatory, and that there are so many elements that must be coherent.

Congratulations Anastazija on this book, which has great insight and, at the same time, is very practical!

As a parent of students and as an educator, I encourage parents, teachers, and educators to distribute Your Success in School to students to read and implement.

   Nastja Mulej, MSc, economist, sociologist, communicologist, the only Slovenian and ex-Yugoslavian thinking trainer according to de Bono; winner of Golden, Bronze, and Special Award of Chamber of Economics for 2021; the    second-best key speaker and workshop trainer in 2020, teacher of children and teachers on how to think and communicate; and mother of 2 students, Slovenia

Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy is helpful, clear, and easy to read. Like Anastazija's practical course, I appreciated the book's topics. Motivation, creative learning, especially learning by associations, and chapters on emotions and feelings, are my favorite and most significant topics.

Read this "school life savers" book and apply its tips today to see your positive results tomorrow!

  Matjaž, student and participant of Anastazija's practical course “Motivated, Efficient Learning for Success (MELS), Slovenia

The excellent practical guide, Your Success in School: 5 +  Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy, is written with deep dedication and great care for students. Mrs. Anastazija shares her rich knowledge of all they need for success and feeling well.

I appreciate the book’s brilliant ideas and actionable steps. I like the chapters on setting goals and making plans the most. The ways to learn in a creative way are also very interesting for students, especially how different art tools can help them learn faster, be more motivated, and enjoy learning.

I am grateful to Mrs. Anastazija for her passion and love for passing on knowledge about learning to youth. I witnessed in the Zoom meetings that youngsters aged 9–15 feel her love and respond enthusiastically in her practical course, “Motivated, Efficient Learning for Success for Students,” which I was able to follow as a parent. My daughter liked and appreciated the assignment-based course. She most enjoyed setting and achieving goals. I wanted this knowledge to be heard by other young people as well, and that is now really possible with Your Success in School.

I propose parents and teachers provide Your Success in School to their schoolchildren, as they will enjoy Anastazija’s tips, and it will help them achieve goals and make learning easier.

    Elizabeta Rus, a mother of ten children, Slovenian language schoolteacher, university graduate ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, Slovenia

Your Success in School: 5+Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happyis a great book that can really make a difference for kids. It's packed with some amazing content that will help them learn, stay motivated, set goals, and master time management. If you are a parent or educator, give this book to your kids and help them change their life.

    Robert Rolih, International Bestselling Author of The Million Dollar Decision, Slovenia

Your Success in School: 5 +Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy, reflects Anastazija's professionalism, heartfelt care, and dedication as a primary, secondary, and high school student learning coach and mentor for success in school with the Cool Learning. 

The book is motivating, and various parts create a mosaic of success and well-being for students at the same time. It’s really great that a topic about feelings, emotions, and how to be a happier student is included in Your Success in School. I especially like that in her interesting book, Anastazija is talking directly to a student. So, the students get the impression that she is devoting her time to them, as well as her sense of encouraging them on their path with concrete action proposals. The path to success is then comprehensive, versatile, and continuously growing.

I am sure that this amazing book will change students’ learning lives for the better. Your Success in School will provide beneficial and encouraging guidance to children and parents on the student's path to motivated learning and success. 

    Tjaša M. Kos PhD, psychologist and psychotherapist, lecturer, and life coach, Slovenia

As a counselor at our school, Anastazija Babič was extremely successful working with students regarding their learning challenges. She used a holistic approach, which led to exceptional motivation for students to learn.

She used the different approaches that she gained in her professional training in different fields to help students improve their learning skills and performance, encourage emotional expression and relaxation, and get over fears and a lack of motivation.

All students who received her help showed significant progress in both knowledge and psycho-emotional responsiveness, despite many years of poorer learning performance.

    Jelena Vidmar, MSc. School Counseling Service (during the time Anastazija was employed at this school in Slovenia)

My hearty congratulations on the book, Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy, dear Anastazija!

From the age of 11 to 15, I taught Anastazija English as a language and socio-moral education. She was an excellent student. She not only knew how to identify appropriate learning methods and strategies, but she also shared her school learning skills with peers who liked to follow her.

I am extremely proud of Anastazija and admire her diligence and ability, as well as her vast education and knowledge. Your Success in School is the result of continuously developing her skills and abilities for helping students learn as well as her own abilities to learn, all of which have been going on since her primary school years. I am very happy that she has consolidated her practice-tested wisdom into this fantastic student's guide. I like that it also includes inspiring quotes and proverbs. The book is intended for primary and secondary school students. University students and adults can also find useful tips. 

I strongly recommend that parents and teachers provide Your Success in School for their students. I'm sure that the book's content and ways of learning will help students organize their learning, making it easier, more enjoyable, motivating, and effective, as well as making them happier.

    Dušica Kunaver, lecturer, author, and co-author of more than a hundred books, editor, researcher, and collector of folk heritage and wisdom, professor of English and Russian, mother and grandmother, Slovenia. 

The book, Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy, has amazing lessons, which guide students' school learning and achievements. I like the book, especially the topics, tips, and practical instructions on motivation and emotions, and school grades that will benefit my students. I found information for myself as well.

I warmly recommend that students read Your Success in School and use it to do well in school and feel good about themselves.

Anastazija is an excellent, caring, and dedicated student’s coach for learning and academic success, with a unique holistic approach. She is a mentor with a heart and with broad knowledge. And above all, because she hears, sees, feels, and understands the student, she knows how to aid students.

I first heard about Anastazija when I came across her invitation to the practical course for students, “Motivated, Efficient Learning for Success” (MELS). I immediately recognized the potential of her help for my 14-year-old son. The course took him over; he was satisfied, and that's why we decided on the individual program with her Cool Learning (CL) method.

The program helped my son a lot, especially in the organization of learning, and it improved his motivation for progress and learning itself. His grades and general well-being also improved. He feels heard, seen, and understood by her. I liked the on-the-fly problem solving. Her emotional support and useful advice on communication and expressing emotions were also very important and crucial for my son’s success.

 I would have been happy if I had met Anastazija earlier. The right advice at the right time can change not only schooling but an entire life for the better. My son has become more self-confident; he trusts himself and he is empowered. He was satisfied with the program itself and with Anastazija as a mentor.  I was even more satisfied. 

 Parents, if you want your children to learn successfully and do well in school, let Anastazija show them how. I strongly suggest that you give your children and teens the book and sign them up for the practical course MELS and the individual CL program.

     Nataša Bertoncelj, mother of students, entrepreneur, Slovenia

The students’ book, Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy, deals with just about everything needed for students to tap into their potential and succeed. It provides so many fantastic nuggets of information that inspire, encourage, and help kids to improve their schoolwork. 

Thanks to Anastazija's experiences and dedication, the journey through the process of learning, in a narrow and broader sense, becomes easily achievable to many schoolchildren.

 The greatest value is that the author adopted a comprehensive approach in the book, as she does in her work with students. Next, it is full of smart solutions, and it is enhanced with Anastazija's practical real-life examples. I enjoy that each chapter has a school joke to relax kids and that the book addresses "why" and "how" questions. The book’s little tactics make learning pleasant and students' lives happier.

Parents, if you want an amazing guide for students, to bring school learning to the next level and for them to feel happy, I recommend picking up Your Success in School for them.

    Branko Juvan, university graduate economist, works in tourism, father of schoolboys

Anastazija Babič was employed at our school, partly as a school counselor and partly as a teacher.  As a counselor, she helped students to overcome learning challenges and provided learning assistance to students with learning difficulties. In doing so, she focused not only on direct learning but also on improving the learning skill process and forming a positive self-image of students, successfully incorporating art therapy elements. Students progressed in terms of both academic and personality development.

She also prepared and conducted different lectures on successfully learning for parents of students aged 11–15, and workshops on successful and efficient learning for 9th-grade students. The response of all participants was very positive.

As a teacher in extended school stay, she organized various interesting activities for the students and was able to establish good contact with students who encountered problems. During learning time, she was able to provide a favorable learning environment.

Anastazija performs the tasks she undertakes with a great deal of commitment and is independent and self-initiative in her work. She attended different trainings for teachers, which were organized within the school, and she is also ready to further educate herself and continuously upgrade her knowledge. 

I am glad and pleased that Anastazija’s book, Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happy, which also reflects her qualities, experience, and professionalism, has been published, and it will certainly show more students how to learn successfully and do well in school.

  Štefka Brodar was the principal/headmistress at the New Jarše School (for students aged 6 to 15) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, when Anastazija worked as a counselor and teacher in school.

The book, Your Success in School:  5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happy, shows that learning doesn’t have to be tedious work. Students can also enjoy implementing many interesting, creative learning techniques listed in the book. It is comprehensive and clear. It can be read from cover to cover, or by checking firstly the chapters that the reader may relate to.

    Gregor Hočevar, author, international public speaker, a multiple business owner, Slovenia

Last year, until the end of the school year, my son attended Anastasia's successful learning mentoring program using the K.U.L.S.K.O. method.

He is now attending the high school he wanted to attend, and it looks like his studies will go well. He works seriously, is diligent, and does school work responsibly; I am satisfied. Compared to his classmates, his grades are okay.

I think he benefited from the program with Cool learning approach. Learning program according to the K.U.L.S.K.O. method. I also recommend it for broadening the horizons of what learning is.
I recommend it to both children and parents. The child also "hears" differently and considers another person as a parent.

Alenka Kovačič, mother of school students

Rarely is someone successful in multiple areas of work. Anastaziji, the award-winning author, succeeds in this. I could say that she is good at everything she does, be it working with students, teachers, parents, or women. I know this from my own experiences. 

I attended her well-structured seminar for educational workers and teachers. The lecturer, Anastazija B., is sovereign, relaxed, professional, and friendly. Everything she taught us, all the knowledge, practical instructions and exercises, was useful for me.

Anastazija is a terrific life, confidence, and mindset coach for women. Self-confidence School and Step into Your Inner Power, Anastazija's two great practical courses for women, were enjoyable for me and many others. I appreciated a wonderful experience and live online meetings via Zoom and a good atmosphere in a group. The lectures, among others, provided practical skills for confident communication, and brave steps to achieve our goals. The exercises were very useful, gave me great insights, and aided in life and business. Her dedication and assistance were amazing, and I and my classmates learned a lot from her.

Anastazija  is a wonderful and caring student mentor and teacher of successful learning, and the provider of the individual Cool Learning program, CLP, and the practical online course for students, Motivated, Efficient Learning for Success (MELS). She knows how to find the best techniques for each student to learn successfully and do well in school.  My class pupils appreciated and benefited from her course MELS.

As one of the authors of the book "Arts Therapy (AT) with Vulnerable Individuals and Groups," Anastazija wrote how creative approaches can support vulnerable students.

I am thrilled by Anastazija's book for pupils, "Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy," and I enjoy how friendly she talks to them in the book about "success" from several angles, and that smart, inspiring quotes are also included. It is a very useful and concrete guide. Students will benefit from it. Parents and teachers will also find helpful information for their students' progress and success.

Dear students, if you want to learn efficiently, do well in school, and feel better, Your Success in School is the right book for you.  It will boost your confidence and motivation; it reveals great strategies and techniques for learning and has plenty of tips for success. I highly suggest you read it and implement the book’s ideas and tips for your achievements. 

Dear parents, I warmly recommend providing "Your Success in School" as a must-have book for your kids.

    Bojana Svete, schoolteacher of many generations of students, a mother and a grandmother, Slovenia

Your Success in School:  5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy, is extremely beneficial and encouraging to students. I warmly suggest to all the parents to give this amazing book to their children, the students. It motivates them and gives beneficial advice on how to deal with feelings and how to do well in school, as well as many interesting ways to learn.  

Students, you will enjoy reading this engaging book!

It is interesting and instructive reading for parents and teachers as well.

Olga Sulymovska, teacher of geography and English, mother of school students; originally from Kyiv, Ukraine; now lives in Istria, Croatia

If I were an adult and someone told me these study tricks you taught me, I would say to myself:

"Just why didn't anyone tell me this before?" "Glad I was in Anastazija’s program and learned about K.U.L.S.K.O. learning."

For me, self-learning techniques and the questions I ask myself when I get a bad grade are very useful. What I liked most was that I started taking more frequent breaks while studying and that I learned funny ways to help myself with anxiety.

I do the relaxation and success exercise every day, and it helps me. I realized I remember more than I thought you did. Since I have had successful mentoring, I have more motivation to study and achieve better results. My grades in school have also improved.

    Vital K., a ninth grade student

Lectures by Mr. Anastazije B., which we organized in the Šiška Library, was very well prepared.

It was based on the author's high level of expertise, who presented the issue in a systematic, very interesting and comprehensible manner.

She presented a wide range of different strategies and methods of successful learning, such as: arranging space, motivation, successful memorization techniques and many others, among which each individual must find those that suit him or his personality type.

How useful the lecture was for the visitors was also shown in the many questions and comments during and after the lecture. Although it was intended primarily for parents to help their children in school, it turned out that it is also interesting for anyone who wants to learn successfully.

     Janez Sedej, organizer of cultural programs in the Šiška Library

Parents' opinion from a lecture for parents and adults: Successful learning using the K.U.L.S.K.O./Cool method:
I intended to stay only half an hour before the lecture, but the lecture was so interesting and unexpectedly useful that I stayed until the end. I did not expect such a good lecture. I am pleased to have learned how learning can be fun and effortless. Useful for me and my children.

    Elma Musič Jovanovič, mother of school students, Slovenia

The lecture was great and very useful. I highly recommend it to parents and teachers. I would like to and will propose it at our school. Anastazija, thank you for effectively delivering the substance.

    Tanja Petreska, mother of a school student

The lecture was very useful and I hope for another lecture and cooperation with the lecturer Anastazije Babič.

    Jovan Vučković, father of a school student

Above all, I liked the fact that I learned all at once many possibilities for improving teaching methods and possibilities for deepening individual strategies to improve the effectiveness of learning and the useful use of the time we or students spend on learning.

   Martina Mikac Cankar, mother of a school student

I like the all-round, holistic view of it. Anastazije Babič on learning, teaching as well as on children and parents. Practical and useful!

    Viktorija Hočevar, mother of school students, Slovenia