Your success in school: 5+ Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happy.
Say goodbye to tedious learning and poor grades and hello to school success!
Accelerate your learning and become an empowered, honorable, and happy student!


Are you a student who wonders how to make better use of the time you dedicate to learning, and organize that time effectively?
Would you like to learn how to learn?
Do your parents often need to help you with school work or complain about your grades and attitude about your schoolwork?
Do you want to feel happy during your school years? 
If you are looking for solutions and tips for efficient and creative learning Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happy is a great place
to start. This excellent book has a flexible approach; it addresses "school success" in a versatile way and is full of insights, yet easy to read.  Anastazija Babič speaks from her experiences working with students, and she safely guides you step by step through the challenges you may face, to a higher level of scholastic success. She keeps you engaged, and shows you how you can achieve your goals. After reading this book, you will be empowered to learn well.
Anastazija will teach you how you deal with stress, and the fear of evaluation, so that you will feel amazing. All of this will change your life for the better.

Anastazija is a creative thinker with a passion for continual learning and self-improvement, and she can rapidly identify difficulties and bring out the best in you. Your Success in School shows her commitment to her mission of making learning enjoyable, keeping you motivated, and assisting you in becoming a happy student. This leads to doing well in school overall.

This is the guide you are looking for if you want to become a "lever learner" and succeed in school. Read this great book, follow Anastazija's advice, and apply everything she teaches you to create academic success and feel amazing.

Get ready; it’s going to be an adventurous journey!
   Raymond Aaron
   New York Times Bestselling Author

Table of contents

 Chapter 1   Start Right Here and Read Me First

 Chapter 2 Learning, School Success, and the Himalayas Share Something 

 Chapter 3 Learning Environment for Your School Success

Chapter 4 Wonderful and Powerful Brain


Chapter 5 Motivation


Chapter 6 Motivation, Learning Skills, and Personal Qualities

Chapter 7 Manage Your Time and Reach Your Goals

Chapter 8 Master Your Time By Planning Ahead with Creating a Study Schedule and Overcoming Distractions


Chapter 9 School Grades and Overcoming Fear of Evaluation 


Chapter 10 Structure and Effectiveness of Learning 


Chapter 11 Your Super Memory & Outstanding Class Speech & Learning Types


Chapter 12 How to Learn Creatively


Chapter 13 Creative Learning Techniques with Arts as a Means of Expression


Chapter 14 How to Feel Incredible – Feelings and Emotions for Success in School


Chapter 15 How to Be Happy Every Day

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Anastazija Babič is an award-winning writer, entrepreneur, public speaker, lecturer, women’s mindset, self-confidence coach, and student’s mentor in successful learning. She has a Bachelor’s degree in pedagogy and sociology of culture, a Master's degree in arts therapy, and training in NLP and transactional analysis. With her expertise and experience, she guides students to learn well, reach their potential, and succeed. If you want your kids to thrive in school, let Anastazija teach them how, in her "CL" program, in the practical course "MELS," and with this great book.

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Chapter 1

Hello; I warmly welcome you to my book! 

Have you already laughed today? No? Here is a joke for you:

At the beginning of the school year, the class teacher says in class: "I told you everything I have planned. Does anyone have any questions? John asks: "When will the holidays be?"

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." -  Mark Twain

"If you can dream it, you can have it." – Walt Disney 

Start Right Here and Read Me First 

Here We Are and Off We Go

 My joy and passion is to help students find their way to efficient and successful learning that will help them achieve their goals and dreams.

I help students and work with them in different ways. I coach primary, secondary, and high school students individually in the mentoring program, with the Cool Learning approach (in further text, also CL program and CLP), and I teach them in my practical course called MELS, which stands for Motivated, Efficient Learning for Success. This course includes live Zoom meetings with me and students. I am counseling and teaching parents and teachers, and thus also indirectly helping their students. And I help them with the book, Your Success in School: 10 Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and Be Happy." It will reach more students than I could with the course or individual program. I wish you to become a successful and happy student with it.

As you were looking for someone to help you, I was looking for a student with the desire to improve learning and success in school. We go on a journey, and we go together. 

You may think: "But I'm not ready." 

I shall answer to you in the same way that I answer to other students who believe they are not ready to improve their learning. "Just start before you think you're ready." Often, we do not feel ready when we start something new. I am so proud of you for taking on the book. Many students rarely think about improving their learning and boosting recall or school performance.

I walk you through Your Success in School, a wonderful journey on which you meet everything that is needed for your success. We will discuss how similar it is to walking in the Himalayas and learning, how to organize your learning environment, time and learning itself, and how you find your motivation and learning style. You will gain a better understanding of your brain and memory, as well as how they aid in learning. You will discover how to properly plan your study. The book also gives suggestions on how to become a goal achiever, overcome fear, and determine a lifestyle and activities that help you succeed and feel good. You will have the opportunity to find your creative and efficient learning techniques and improve your school achievements. From my experiences, school performance does not depend only on learning; students’ success needs a whole package of solutions, like those I present in the book.

I notice in both my course and the program that what students do before joining is much less than what they are actually capable of. After my guidance, students don't always get just 5's or A's, but they often go with it to their best potential, and this is real success.

Some knowledge of the principles of learning, learning circumstances, motivation, and other content that I explain in Your Success in School, I learned when I was a schoolgirl, and some later when I was an adult. The value is that they are practice-tested. They have not only worked for me when I was a student, but they have also helped many students in the MELS course and in the CL program. They are improving their school performance, learning habits, motivation, and attitude towards education and well-being. Students become good action-takers and goal-achievers, and they can be enrolled in whichever secondary, high school, or university they want. Efficient, creative, and regular learning results in faster learning, and when you also organize and plan learning better, you will certainly increase the amount of your free time.

Today, I still use some book principles. Learning is a lifelong and never-ending process. It keeps us healthy and helps us reach our goals. 

I don't want you just to succeed in school, but also to feel well during school and increase the level of happiness in your life. That is why I discuss this topic in the book as well.

Good Begun Is Half Done 

Like in learning, it is best to tackle this book from general to specific. Just skim it first. Reading the list of chapters first, broadens your view and gives a framework, and questions also arise. Find solutions while reading. Reading to find answers will keep you engaged and motivated, and it helps to remember. Also see Chapter 10.

You can read the book chapter by chapter or pick the ones that deserve your attention first. This is not a thin book. Read a chapter a week or month to avoid being overwhelmed.

When you start something new, it is, in my experience and opinion, important to be inspired and in a good mood. So inspirationalquotes andschooljokes are part of each chapter

I emphasize that learning will be easier to start when you think about something funny. Humor improves motivation and performance. Jokes make you laugh. Laughter relaxes, and it is a great and effective mood booster. It increases problem-solving skills and opens the mind to new information; so, it helps in learning. When you are positive and relaxed, you will recall more. Laughter is the best medicine! It improves well-being by increasing good hormones. Healthy students learn more readily. Also see Chapter 14.

The jokesin this book were told to me by students who attend my practical course, and whom I coach for better learning and success in my individual CLP. I would be happy if you sent me your favorite school jokes. The address can be found on my accompanying website.
(Email: [email protected] )

The topics are sometimes intertwined, so I will draw attention to certain chapters throughout the book.

Each chapter ends with questions called a “self-survey,” to help you think over, consolidate, and retain the content. Create, add your own, and answer them any way you want in your notebook. Example of questions: What did you like most about this chapter? What did you learn? What will you first apply in practice? 

Reading in a foreign language is a beneficial practice. If English is not your first language, reading this book will help you practice and better learn it. How amazing is that?

I lay this on your heart and mind: Everything can be learned, including successful learning. You can improve from wherever you are right now. Your learning ability and skills can improve, and you are worthy of your success.


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