About the author of the book


Anastazija Babič is an award-winning writer, entrepreneur, leader of her practical courses and seminars, a lecturer and public speaker. She is a mentor for primary, secondary, and high school students for successful learning and doing well in school.

She also coaches mothers of students and other women in the areas of confident communication, well-being, and growth mindset.

As a mentor to students, Anastazija's mission is to support and help them to find their way to achieve their goals and dreams. She has several years of experience in helping and guiding students in a very professional way. Anastazija inspires them to learn and reach their potential. She has a big advantage because she knows and teaches how students not only get success but also keep it.

Anastazija works with students individually in the mentoring program with the "K.U.L.S.K.O." Cool Learning approach, as explained in Chapter 1.
For students, she also runs her practical online course, “Motivated, Efficient Learning for Success” (MELS), which includes, among others, regular live Zoom meetings. By attending her program or course, students find out on how to learn stress-free and efficiently. They get amazing tips on how to be motivated and accelerate learning, and also benefit in terms of positive personal development and strengthening the growth mindset. Anastazija is also a great counselor for students' parents; she teaches them how to be supportive of their children's learning.

With Your Success in School, Anastazija shares her years of experience and her wisdom in the field of her expertise. The award-winning author is an authority who leads students to success by finding winning learning tactics, creating habits, and bringing out their best.

Anastazija researched, developed, and tested successful and speedier learning ways already in primary school. She liked to link them to art and creativity. At eleven and a half years old, she started to organize groups for her peers to help and teach them to learn and do well in school.

After graduating from university, Anastazija worked in education and social services. She counseled kids, parents, and teachers in several schools. She taught students successful learning, helped them solve challenges, and helped them succeed. Anastasija also taught in an international English school and worked as a teacher for additional professional assistance for students with special needs in a Slovenian school. Anastazija was an adult consultant at the Center for Social Work (CSW). She and other members of the CSW team set up and ran Slovenia's first children's telephone. For this, she received special thanks from the then Minister of Health, Family, and Social Welfare. She also worked as a children's phone consultant, mostly for kids but also for parents and teachers. She's now self-employed.

The award-winning author’s education and knowledge are vast. Anastazija was born in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. She is a university graduate pedagogue (counselor), a professor of pedagogy and sociology of culture. She has an M.A. in Creative Arts Therapy, known in international terminology as "arts therapies."

As a great lover of learning and various knowledge, Anastazija completed several programs for advanced training. She acquired certified lifelong learning and additional knowledge like neuro-linguistic programming with neurology and brain science (NLP), transaction analysis-TA, The Cognitive Research Trust (CORT), and gestalt therapy. She is a teacher of thinking with the methods of E. de Bono, a preschool and swimming teacher. Anastazija's unique value is that she successfully uses her extensive experience and all acquired multidisciplinary knowledge for her dedicated work with students and adults.

As mentioned, Anastazija also helps adults with different forms of her work. She gives various seminars for teachers and parents at schools and through Katis, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport's catalog of further education and training of professionals in education. 

The award-winning author gives lectures for the general public and is also a speaker at Slovene and international conferences.  Just to mention some: 

Anastazija was a speaker at the first international pedagogical conference on positive psychology in education: Growth Mindset Teaching in (Higher) Education in Koper, Slovenia, in 2022. Among others, she spoke about her Cool Learning approach. 

Anastazija gave a lecture and spoke in the Smelt Hall in Ljubljana, in 2019, to a gathering of 307 teachers and parents. The event was organized by Didakte, a publishing house that also arranges educational events. She spoke about the education of students and how to work and cooperate with educationally more demanding kids and teens.

Anastazija held several lectures for the general public in Slovenia, on various topics such as perceptual channels and communication, emotions, emotional intelligence, factors and methods of successful learning, the Cool Learning approach, processing words and communication, etc., and different art therapy workshops for students, family, and public.

In 2017, Anastazija researched how creative approaches and arts therapy workshops affect students' communication, social interaction, feelings, psychological needs, and more.

The award-winning author is also one of the authors of the book Arts Therapy with Vulnerable Individuals and Groups, the first Slovenian monograph on arts therapy, released by the University of Ljubljana in March 2022.  She writes about arts therapy workshops to support, strengthen, and enhance vulnerable students' well-being and emotions.

In 2019 and 2020, Anastazija was actively involved in an international project, "Feedback," which involved several different European countries. It had the goal of enhancing learning through the arts in schools and education.

The expression, "The world is my family," certainly applies to Anastazija. She is adventurous and travels the world, exploring countries and their school systems and cultures. Anastazia accepted the invitation to the US for a project on consciousness research and non-stress management. She is a global citizen by heart.