About the book

The book is for students over 9 years old and for teenage students. Say goodbye to tedious learning and poor grades, and hello to school success! Accelerate your learning and become an empowered, honorable, and happy student!

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About the author

Anastazija Babič is an award-winning writer, entrepreneur, public speaker, lecturer, and student’s mentor in successful learning. She is a professor of pedagogy and has a bachelor’s degree in sociology of culture and a master's degree in arts therapy. She has additional training in NLP and transactional analysis. With her expertise and experience, she guides students to learn well, reach their potential, and succeed.
If you want your kids to thrive in school, let Anastazija teach them how with this great book.

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How Happy are you with your success in school

Dear student: "Do you want to do better in school?
Do your parents often need to help you with school work?
Do they criticize your grades and attitude toward schoolwork?
Would you like to learn how to learn efficiently, effectively, creatively, successfully, and in less time?
Do you want to feel happy during your school years?"

If you are a student over the age of nine or a teenager who answered yes to any of the previous questions, the book Your Success in School: 5+ Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happy. is for you!


How can this book help you?

  • Learn about your school success and well-being
  • Find out how to motivate yourself
  • Learn time management and study planning
  • Create your learning environment for school success
  • Memorize faster, and specialize in efficient and creative learning

Read this book and get ready to make improvements in your learning, well-being, and school performance.

What others are saying about the book?

Your Success in School: 5 + Ways for Students to Learn Creatively, Stay Motivated, and be Happy can really make a difference for kids. It's packed with some amazing content that will help them learn, stay motivated, set goals, and master time management. If you are a parent or educator, give this book to your kids and help them change their life.

Robert Rolih, International Bestselling Author of The Million Dollar Decision, Slovenia


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One can easily recognize own attempts and mistakes, here is complied in practical howto.

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